When the Chaos Schism first happened and the initial Hyper Evolved animals were discovered Military forces were sent to capture the animals when they were found. However soon these animals would begin to fight back. Seriously dangerous evolutions could occur allowing animals to develop strange abilities like electrical manipulation “channeling lightning bolts”, spewing flames like a flame thrower, or Insane strength and armored plates as well as spikes or claws allowing them to take damage and deal it out even to armored troops and vehicles. The world went into chaos as humans lost their place as the most powerful species on the planet, even with advanced technology.

Among the chaos some people discovered they could bond with these hyper evolved animals. How this occurs is hard to describe or explain, but about 1 in 10 people could bond to a hyper evolved animal. Bonded animals become smarter than typical for their original species and the human they bond to can influence their hyper evolution.

However even this came with issues. One of the early ‘Linkers’ could bond and direct large numbers of hyper evolved animals at one time. He eventually become known as the ‘Hundred Creature Master’ and he set out to topple the government using a hundred hyper evolved animals with combat abilities. His forces could decimate conventional armed forces and for a time he seemed unstoppable. Eventually it was not the government, but a group of other allied Bonders finally fought him to a stand still. This showed how conventional military forces alone could no longer defend countries.

The world’s maps were redrawn as more isolated and smaller countries became dominated by people who did not wield conventional forces. In the meantime the world’s larger nations began creating schools to train and develop their Bonder talent.


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