Hyper Evolution

Hyper Evolution is a kind of evolution some post-Chaos Schism animals and other creatures which allows them to gain new traits, alter their form, or gain radical abilities… All in an instant. They are enveloped in a burst of light and they are changed.

The process cannot happen constantly, the creature needs time to build the biological energy for these sudden changes.

No one knows why exactly some creatures have this ability and others don’t.

A Hyper Evolution capable creature who Bond with a Linker have a directed Hyper Evolution rather than gaining nearly random abilities.

Stages of Hyper Evolution

Several ‘Stages’ of hyper evolution are known to exist. Including ‘Blanks’ which are animals that have not shown any obvious signs of Hyper Evolution.

  1. Stage 1 consists of animals that show obvious signs of physical deviation from the norm or animate plants/objects.
  2. Stage 2 consists of HEA or HEC that show radical changes away from their base type or exhibit fantastical abilities.
  3. Stage 3 consists of HEA or HEC that show soem signs of both aspects of Stage 2.
  4. Stage 4 is exceedingly rare and sometimes Stage 4s are known as ‘Legendaries’. These creatures show a mixture of radical changes from their base type as well as fantastical abilities that usually render them looking nothing like the creatures they derive from.

Elements in Evolutions

Some HEA/HEC develop abilities which are classified into categories which we tend to call ‘elements’. Some also gain an affinity for abilities within a certain element. However HEA/HEC that gain an affinity for one element tend to then suffer worse against other certain elements.

Elements also are color coded for easy identification. They are also given a ‘season’ in which they are said to be best adapted. They also are said to have certain personality traits due to their elements.

Element Chart

Hyper Evolution

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