Linkers are individuals that can Bond to Hyper Evolution animals and other creatures.

Linkers make up roughly 10% of the population. Most Linkers can only be bonded to a single Creature at a time. Trying to bond to more will simply fail to have an effect. However some even more rare people (about 1 in 10 of Linkers) can bond to two or three creatures at once. An even more rare number (about 1 in 100 Linkers) can bond to as many as a dozen at once. Currently no one alive can handle more than a dozen at one time.

Linker Discovery

Linkers can be discovered in one of three ways:

  1. Genetic Testing
    Certain genetic patterns seem to suggest Linker ability though the testing doesn’t seem effective until puberty.
  2. By Bonding
    The oldest known way is for the potential Linker to simply bond with a HEC/HEA.
  3. Genetic Ancestry
    Having at least one parent who is a Linker gives you a roughly 1/3rd chance of also being a Linker. Having two parents who are Linkers makes the chance of a child being a Linker about 2/3rds.
Wild Talents

Wild Talents do not show either the Genetic Markers or have any known Genetic Ancestry. Why they can Bond and become Linkers is completely unknown. It has caused a thought that maybe the markers suggest active Linkers and a much much larger group of people could potentially be Potential Linkers.

Linker Abilities

  • Summoning
    Some linkers can develop the ability to withdraw their HEA/HEC from our plane of existance and then bring them back. The HEA/HEC in question seems ot go into something akin to stasis during their absence. This could be seen as Hyper Evolution effecting humans, though so far no human has ever been known to show signs of the kind of changes present in HEA/HEC.
  • Will
    Will is the term for a rare ability among Linkers that allows them to give simple commands to HEA/HEC that they are not Bonded to. Usually this is seen against ‘wild’ HEA/HEC, between Linkers it starts a battle of Will.


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