Welcome to our world, but not quite

Evolution is set in a world like ours, though roughly three generations in the future. However they are not really any more advanced than us today, instead one event has changed their development from ours. That event has become known as the ‘ Chaos Schism’.

The Chaos Schism brought about a new phenomenon often known as ‘Hyper Evolution’. Animals and even sometimes objects could evolve not over generations, but in seconds. Allowing a bull for instance to suddenly develop unusually characteristics. Sometimes these could be amazingly extreme, such as the bull above growing wings or armored plates. Which animals would develop these abilities was completely random.

Some people could ‘Bond’ with these new creatures. They became known as ‘Linkers’ and with their animal companions they would go on to change the world.

Will you join these intrepid pioneers and their hyper evolved animals? Will you be a legend or a a nightmare?

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