Dominion of Mexico

Since the Chaos Schism started in Mexico, Mexico was bound to change massively. Few however saw how it was going to change. Within months the US had invaded in a style reminiscent of the invasion of Iraq and subsequent maintaining of ‘peace keeping’ forces. It has been over 2 generations and one major war since then, and while ‘officially’ Mexico is now it’s own country again as the Dominion of Mexico, the USNA forces still control the country in a meaningful way.

The US (and later USNA) ‘sold’ the world on their plan to take control of the nation of Mexico by talking about how the government had become ineffective and dealing with the criminal element in the country and how important the former research facility that started the Chaos Schism was. With most other countries having their own problems with the arrival of Hyper Evolution no one took Mexico’s side.

While this may sound all bad for Mexico it did actually have positive effects on the country. Starting with a military crackdown on the drug cartels that had near unopposed control over cities near the US border and considerable influence across the country. It also allowed more legal freedom of movement with the US, in particular programs to allow Mexican kids post-secondary educations as well as more programs that allowed high school students to be educated in the US.

However to this day ‘Terrorist’ forces still cause acts of violence against USNA forces, using IEDs, HEC/HEA, and other means. Many of these are supported by the remains of the Mexican Cartels who moved much of their operations further south.

Dominion of Mexico

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